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How does laser skin rejuvenation work?


During life, the skin on our face is exposed to pollutants in the atmosphere as well as exposure to weather causing wind and sun damaged skin.

The lower layers of the skin are continually reproducing new cells and the top layer of the skin is continually flaking off. This is a natural process which happens throughout life. When damage occurs, the top layer of the skin thickens and the quality of the underlying cells is diminished. This results in uneven texture and tone as well as a congested toughened look.

When laser light is applied to skin, the energy in the light encourages the growth of fibroblast and collagen cells. The fibroblasts and collagen cells are formed in the dermis of the skin and ensure that the skin is even in texture and colour. They also help repair scarring and sun damage.

The laser energy encourages the fibroblast and collagen cells to produce more cells, in a healthier condition. The laser has the effect of making the skin healthier, more even in texture and lifting out some of the pitting of acne scarring as well as making the skin more elastic. Because the laser energy is warming the dermal or lower layer of the skin where the new growth occurs, the cells reproduce more normally.

The most common areas treated are the cheeks and around the mouth. This treatment smoothes and tones the skin giving it more bounce resulting in a natural soft appearance.


How many treatments will I need?

 The results are not seen immediately as it takes time for the cells to begin to react differently. Three to six treatments, two weeks apart, along with a topical cream will show a subtle softening and smoothing of the skin. 


Is it safe? What are the potential complications of laser skin rejuvenation treatments?


Laser skin rejuvenation is one of the safest treatments available, and has no down time.

A consultation is essential before treatment commences, and you should stay out of the sun for two weeks before the treatment.

Treatment prices

*Prices are per treatment. Prepay 4 is the purchase of a group of treatments at time of first appointment or consultation.

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